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Issue 80 Elementary/Secondary Education:
In our own Words: Bringing Authentic First Peoples Content to the K-3 Classroom
Secondary Education
“Tawow” Welcome to Pow-Wow Country: Our Legacy
Issue 79 Elementary/Secondary Education:
Indian Residential Schools and Reconciliation Resources - Grades 5 and 10-12
Secondary Education
English First Peoples
Issue 78 Elementary/Secondary Education:
Secondary Education
Forgotten: The Métis Residential School Experience
Issue 77 Elementary Education
Tracking the Buffalo: Stories from a Buffalo Hide Painting
Secondary Education
From Apology to Reconciliation: Residential School Survivors - A Guide for Grades 9 and 11 Social Studies Teachers in Manitoba
Issue 76 Elementary Education
Learning Circles: Curriculum Links for Ontario Teachers
Secondary Education
Treaty Education
Issue 75 Elementary Education
Crunchers: A Fun Fast-Facts Game about Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
Secondary Education
Full Circle - OSSTF
Issue 74 Elementary Education
First Nations Diary: Documenting Daily Life
Secondary Education
The Learning Circle: Classroom Activities on First Nations in Canada - A Learning Resource for Ages 12 to 14
Issue 73 Elementary Education
Mi’kmawe’l Tan Teli-kina’muemk Teaching about the Mi’kmaq
Secondary Education
About Treaties in Ontario
Issue 72 Elementary Education
Aboriginal Education Strategy
Secondary Education
Streetwolf: Seven Principles of Self Leadership
Issue 71 Elementary Education
Buffalo Gone: Appreciating Natural Resources
Secondary Education
Aboriginals: Treaties and Relations
Issue 70 Elementary Education
FNMI Curriculum Collection
Issue 69 Elementary Education
Classroom Resources
Secondary Education
Totem Poles: Heraldic Columns of the Northwest Coast
Issue 68 Elementary Education
Kids’ Stop
Secondary Education
Durham District School Board (DDSB) Aboriginal Welcome Wheel Lesson Plan Series: In-troduction to the Medicine Wheel
Issue 67
Secondary Education
Aboriginal Contributions to the War of 1812
Issue 66 Elementary Education
Online Cree Dictionary: The Cree Language Resource Project (CLRP)
Secondary Education
Durham District School Board (DDSB) Aboriginal Welcome Wheel Lesson Plan Series: In-troduction to the Medicine Wheel
Issue 65 Elementary Education
Firsts: From Aboriginal Peoples to Pioneers
Secondary Education
The Learning Circle: Five Voices of Aboriginal Youth in Canada - A Learning Resource for ages 14 to 16
Issue 64 Elementary Education
MathCatchers K-8
Secondary Education
Canada’s History: Walking on the Lands of our Ancestors
Issue 63 Elementary Education
BC First Peoples Learning Resources: Books for Use in K-7 Classrooms
Secondary Education
The Inuit Way: A Guide to Inuit Culture
Issue 62 Elementary Education
University of Saskatchewan Cradleboard Resources
Secondary Education
Pan Inuit Trails
Issue 61 Elementary Education
Games from the Aboriginal People of North America
Secondary Education
Ancient Villages and Totem Poles
Issue 60 Elementary Education
First Nations and Stereotypes in Math
Secondary Education
Aboriginal Beliefs, Values, and Aspirations in Canadian Society
Issue 59 Elementary / Secondary Education
Aboriginal Lesson Plans/Activities
Traditional Inuit Games (Athropolis - News from the Arctic)
North American Indian & First Nation Games
The Ojibway Moccasin Game
Native American Games
Indigenous knowledge and philosophy from five diverse First Nations in Canada
National Museum of the American Indian:
WITS Lesson Plans
Art Lesson Plans
Issue 58 Elementary Education
Classroom Resources – AADNC
Publications Catalogue
Secondary Education
Nationalism in the North: Exploring Land Claims and Treaties with the Historical Timelines of the North West Territories: A Resource for Teachers of Social Studies
Issue 57 Elementary Education
Aboriginal Education in the Elementary Classroom
Secondary Education
Inuit Cultural Online Resource
Issue 56 Elementary Education
Inuktitut Computer Games
Secondary Education
Rekindling Traditions – Cross Cultural Science and Technology Unit
Issue 55 Elementary Education
Concept to Classroom – Inuit Lesson Plans
Secondary Education
Revising the History of the Americas – CBC Current Affairs
Issue 54 Elementary Education
Firsts: From Aboriginal Peoples to Pioneers
Secondary Education
Maps of Treaty Making in Canada
Issue 53 Elementary Education
The Abenaki – People of the Dawn
Secondary Education
Healing the Generations Residential School Curriculum
Issue 52 Elementary Education
Bringing Métis Children’s Literature to Life: Teacher Guidebook for GDI Publications
Secondary Education
Kekina’muel (learning about the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia)
Issue 51 Elementary Education
Aboriginal Legends
Secondary Education
What I learned in Class Today: Aboriginal Issues in the Classroom
Issue 50 Elementary Education
First Peoples Artifact
Secondary Education
Women, Contemporary Issues and Resistance- Special Projects
Issue 49 Elementary Education
Lone Dog’s Winter Count
Secondary Education
Canada’s Residential Schools Apology - CBC Currents Affairs
Issue 48 Elementary Education
Indian Residential Schools – Historical Thinking
Secondary Education
The Emergency in Attawapiskat – CBC Current Affairs
Issue 47 Elementary Education
Classroom Activities on First Nations in Canada Ages 12- 14
Secondary Education
Idle no More: A Protest for Aboriginal Rights – Lesson Plans and Teacher Resource Guide
Issue 46 Elementary Education
Study of North Pacific Coast People and the Potlatch
Secondary Education
Aboriginal Rights and Titles
Issue 45 Elementary/Secondary Education
Deepening Knowledge OISE
  Secondary Education
Milba Djunga – How Can I Start My Own Business? Financial Literacy – Australia
Issue 44 Elementary/Secondary Education
Aboriginal Voices in Canadian Contemporary Art Lesson Plans
Secondary Education
Full Circle: First Nations, Métis and Inuit Ways of Knowing
Issue 43 Elementary/Secondary Education
Earth Songs
Storytelling: The Art of Knowledge
Issue 42 Elementary/ Secondary Education
K-12 Aboriginal Languages and Culture: Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes
Secondary Education
First Nations and Métis: Online Encyclopedia
Issue 41 Elementary/ Secondary Education
Wilfred Laurier University- Faculty of Education Elementary/Secondary Lesson Plans and Activities
Secondary Education
Aboriginal Perspectives
Issue 40 Elementary Education
Aboriginal Games Crunchers Information Sheet
  Secondary Education
Grade 12 Current Topics in First Nations, Métis and Inuit Studies: A Foundation for Implementation
Issue 39 Elementary Education
Chances are, it's Aboriginal! A Conversation about Aboriginal Foods
Secondary Education
Gateway to Aboriginal Heritage: Data Base Quiz Canadian Museum of Civilization 9-12
Issue 38 Elementary/ Secondary Education
A Journey to a New Land
Secondary Education
CBC’s ReVision Quest – Truth and Reconciliation Lesson Plans
Issue 37 Elementary Education
Diverse Peoples – Aboriginal Contributions and Inventions
Secondary Education
Current Aboriginal Issues Grades 11-12
Issue 36 Elementary Education
Stories the Totems Tell: Bringing Aboriginal Poles to Life
Secondary Education
Viat Iglu Web Site
Issue 35 Elementary Education
Online Cree Dictionary
Secondary Education
Gateway to Aboriginal Heritage: Treasures of Canada Webquest – Canadian Museum of Civilization 9-12
Issue 34 Elementary Education/Secondary
Online Activities: Iroquoian Longhouse
Secondary Education
Lakehead Public Schools: Urban Aboriginal Education Project: First Peoples Resource Collection
Issue 33 Elementary Education/Secondary
A Journey into Time Immemorial – Elementary/Secondary
Issue 32 Exemplary Classroom Practice
Huron, Haida and Inuit Houses
Secondary Education
High School Math Blog: Integrating First Nations, Inuit and Métis content into the Mathematics Classroom
Issue 31 Elementary/ Secondary Education
Study Canada – K-12 First Nations, Inuit, and Métis
Secondary Education
·Curriculum Lesson 1– Multiculturalism and Canada’s North
·Curriculum Lesson 2 – Governance and Canada’s North
Issue 30 Elementary/ Secondary Education
The Line – Respect Each Other (Anti -Bullying)
Secondary Education
Canadian Studies Project 2: Storytelling – The Art of Knowledge
Issue 29 Elementary/ Secondary Education
Using First Nations Literature in the Classroom
Secondary Education
Canadian Studies Project 2 Focus on Citizenship, Multiculturalism, Aboriginal Peoples and Diversity – Storytelling: The Art of Knowledge
Issue 28 Elementary/ Secondary Education
Gateway to Aboriginal Heritage: Making do with what you have
Secondary Education
Wabanaki: People of the Dawn Part I
Issue 27 Elementary/ Secondary Education
Gateway to Aboriginal Heritage: Discovering Objects
Secondary Education
Gateway to Aboriginal Heritage: Virtual Museum Challenge
Issue 26 Elementary/ Secondary Education
Aboriginal Education Strategy – EDU
Secondary Education
Traditional Aboriginal Careers – CSC
Issue 25 Elementary/ Secondary Education
The Seven Grandfather Teachings
Secondary Education
Our Land – Our Culture Cree People
Issue 24 Elementary Education
The Learning Circle Ages 8-11
Secondary Education
Native Languages of the Yukon
Issue 23 Elementary/Secondary Education
Aboriginal Language and Culture – Manitoba Ministry of Education K-12
Issue 22 Elementary/Secondary Education
Walking the Path Curriculum Unit (Youth Empowerment – OPP 2009)
Elementary and Secondary Education
Aboriginal Perspectives across the Curriculum (APAC)
Issue 21 Elementary/Secondary Education
Gateway To Aboriginal Heritage: Online Exhibition
Issue 20 Elementary Education
Rabbit and Bear Paws
Secondary Education
Walking with the Earth - Pimohtiwin: Lessons to Support Science 10
Issue 19 Elementary Education
Potlatch: Then and Now
Secondary Education
Aboriginal Education Strategies
Issue 18 Elementary Education
Our Boots: An Inuit Woman’s Art
Issue 17 Elementary Education
The Learning Circle: Classroom Activities on First Nations in Canada
Secondary Education
Indigenous Knowledge and Cultural Weather Perspectives: Lessons to Support Science 10
Issue 16 Elementary Education
Aboriginal Education Strategy: Practical teaching strategies for the elementary classroom
Secondary Education
Canada in the Making – Aboriginals: Treaties and Relations
Issue 15 Elementary Education
Multi Cultural Lesson Plans – Buffalo Hides Lesson
Secondary Education
Statistics Canada: The First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Peoples of Canada Lesson 5
Issue 14 Elementary Education
Through Mala’s Eyes: Life in an Inuit Community. A Learning Resource
Secondary Education
Exploring Motion-Related Technology Through a First Nations’ Game: A Lesson to Support Science 1
Issue 13 Elementary Education
The Fur Trade “Jimmy Goes Home”
Secondary Education
Where are the Children? Healing the Legacy of Residential Schools
Issue 12 Elementary Education
Inside the Circle: Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
Elementary/Secondary Education
Contemporary Inuit Sculpture
Issue 11 Elementary Education
Aboriginal Themed Lesson Plans
Issue 10 Elementary Education
Reading to Learn: English Literacy
Secondary Education/ [also Elementary]
Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreements
Issue 09 Elementary Education
Teaching Treaties in the Classroom: A Treaty Resource Guide for Kindergarten to Grade 6 (2008)
Secondary Education
Aboriginal Documentary Heritage: Historical Collections of the Canadian Government
Issue 08 Elementary Education
Portrait Gallery of Ontario: Four Kings and One Queen
Secondary Education
Aboriginal Literatures in Canada: A Teacher’s Resource Guide
Issue 07 Elementary Education
Activities for National Aboriginal Day – June 21, 2010
Elementary & Secondary Education
Our Words, Our Ways: Teaching First Nations, Métis and Inuit Learners
Secondary Education
Mathematics in Indigenous Contexts Project
Issue 06 Elementary Education
Four Directions Teaching
Secondary Education
Arctic Circle: Virtual Classroom
Issue 05 Elementary Education
Manitoba Kindergarten to Grade 4 Aboriginal Languages and Cultures: Bibliography of Recommended Picture Books/Novels with Suggested Uses: A Reference for Selecting Learning Resources
Secondary Education
Backcheck: Hockey for Kids – Aboriginal Hockey
Issue 04 Elementary Education
Vancouver 2010 Aboriginal Education Resources
Secondary Education
Exploring Aboriginal Art in Canada
Issue 03 Elementary Education
Aboriginal Perspectives across the Curriculum (APAC)
Secondary Education
The Atlas of Canada
British Columbia First Nations Studies 12: Integrated Resource Package
Issue 02 Elementary Education
Shared Learnings: Integrating BC Aboriginal Content K-10
Secondary Education
The Atlas of Canada
Natural Resources Canada
Issue 01 Elementary Education
Aboriginal Curriculum Integration Project (ACIP)
Secondary Education
Integrated Resource Package 2008 – British Columbia Ministry of Education