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Issue 80 Haida
Issue 79 Project of the Heart - Illuminating the History of Residential Schools in BC
Issue 78 National Film Board Aboriginal Peoples
Issue 77 Aboriginal Voices in Contemporary Canadian Arts
Issue 76 Expedition Arctic
Issue 75 James Bay Treaty Turns 100
Issue 74 Delgamuukw - a Community Struggle for Aboriginal Title
Issue 73 Survivance
Issue 72 Native Words/ Native Warriors
Issue 71 Infinity of Nations: Cultural Quest
Issue 70 Nation to Nation: Treaties between the United States and American Indian Nations
Issue 69 Recess
Issue 68 Storm Spirits – Aboriginal New Media Art
Issue 67 Gift of Language and Culture Website
Issue 66 Native Tech: Native American Technology and Art
Issue 65 Vimeo: Indigenous Knowledge Commons
Issue 64 Tshinanu
Issue 63 Multimedia
Issue 62 Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada You Tube
Issue 61 Our Homes are Bleeding – BC
Issue 60 Voices of Wisdom: Learning from Elders
Issue 59 Alluriarniq / Stepping Forward
Issue 58 Virtual Journey – Signing of Treaty Nine – 1905
Issue 57 Math Catcher: Mathematics Through Aboriginal Storytelling
Issue 56 Welcome to the First Nation Profiles Interactive Map
Issue 55 Millie’s Dream – Revitalization of Inuinnaqtun
Issue 54 First Nations in New France
Issue 53 Fritz Scholder: Indian/Not Indian
Issue 52 Buried Voices: Media Coverage of Aboriginal Issues in Ontario: Media Monitoring Report: 2010 - 2013
Issue 51 National Museum of the American Indian
Issue 50 McCord Museum – Our People Our Stories – Aboriginal Adornments
Issue 49 Digital Nations
Issue 48 Journey to Kitigaaryuk NWT
Issue 47 Wearing our Identity. The First Peoples Collection
Issue 46 Wampum Interactive - Parks Canada
Issue 45 Voices of the Elders
Issue 44 Where are the Children?
Issue 43 What I learned in Class Today: Aboriginal Issues in the Classroom
Issue 42 Images Canada: Picturing Canadian Culture
Issue 41 Residential Schools: The Red Lake Story
Issue 40 Learning the Path
Issue 39 Living Traditions: Flash Activities
Issue 38 Bone Snow Knives and Tin Oil Lamps: Enduring Traditions among Canada’s First Peoples
Issue 37 Mi'gmaq Mi'kmaq Micmac Online Talking Dictionary
Issue 36 Nunavik Art Alive
Issue 35 Aboriginal Perspectives – National Film Board of Canada
Issue 34 First Peoples – The Legends
Issue 33 The History Game Canada
Issue 32 Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre - Inuit Cultural Online Resource Website
Issue 31 Back to Batoche Interactive Website
Issue 30 Lessons from the Land: A Cultural Journey through the Northwest Territories
Issue 29 Project Naming
Issue 27 Omàmiwininì Pimàdjwowin - The Algonquin Way Cultural Centre: Learning Centre for Teachers and Educators
Issue 26 Inuit Interactive Adventure
Issue 25 Stereotypes of Native Americans: Essays and Images: Teaching Diversity with multi media
Issue 24 Wapikoni Mobile
Issue 23 Our Language Cree
Issue 22 An Archaeological Expedition to Kuukpak
Issue 21 Arctic Peoples and Archaeology Interactive
Issue 20 Shielded Minds – A video
Issue 19 Métis Artists
Issue 18 The Virtual Keeping House: A First Nations Gallery
Issue 17 Virtual Museum of Nunavut
Issue 16 First Voices: Language Legacies Celebrating Indigenous Cultures in Canada
Issue 15 Tshinanu – All of Us - Quebec
Issue 14 Tipatshimuna – Innu stories from the land
Issue 13 Labrador Inuit through Moravian Eyes
Issue 12 On the Path of the Elders
Issue 11 Aboriginal Voices in Canadian Contemporary Art
Issue 10 Storytelling: Aboriginal Cultures and Traditions
Issue 09 Using Aboriginal Media Sources to enhance History or Aboriginal Studies
Issue 08 Inuit Art: Cape Dorset Artists
Issue 07 The Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture
Issue 06 Aboriginal Perspectives
Issue 05 Building a Tipi
Issue 04 Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws: Storytelling in the Aboriginal Community
Issue 03 Movie Gallery - Stories from Western Australia
Issue 02 Windspeaker Canadian Classroom Edition
Issue 01 Aboriginal Story in Digital Media (English and French)